Missional Sundays

The New Testament church met both all together in the Temple courts and in smaller groups in people’s homes. These households of believers became key centres of discipleship and mission. It’s through these centres that people grew in their love of Jesus and transformed the communities around them. At Plentylife we seek to organise our church life in similar ways.

On the first, third and fifth Sunday of each month, our whole church gathers togethers together for a service, then on the second and fourth weeks, we do something different. Missional Sundays are all about being God’s people in our local community. The activities we do on these weeks are varied; sometimes big, all-in events, other times we disperse into homes or other places in the community. The idea is that we are alert to what God is doing in our local community and ready to join in.

We know that God’s mission will always flow from Jesus’ great command to love one another as he has first loved us (John 13:34-35). Love is not always convenient and doesn’t perfectly fit to our timetable. For that reason, Missional Sundays do not have a set start or end time. The don’t have a set location. Sometimes, they may not even be on a Sunday! Please keep an eye on our homepage for details of what’s happening each particular week.