Love Thy Neighbour

Since 2014, the Love Thy Neighbour Community Pantry has provided food and essentials support to families in need within the Doreen and Mernda area. This includes families affected by family violence, young people with complex needs, single parents, and those unemployed or underemployed. Our services are available to all members of the community in need, regardless of background, faith or culture. Motivated by the love of God, the care and dignity of our clients is paramount in everything we do. 


Support parcels are compiled, then hand delivered, each week to individuals and families. Every parcel is personalised to cater for each family’s needs and circumstances. Parcels can include fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, other basic groceries, frozen family meals, or simple recipes with relevant ingredients. We honour cultural food differences and provide for these accordingly. Parcels can also include basics like toiletries, cleaning materials, nappies, sanitary items, toilet paper, and school lunch supplies, as required. 


The Love Thy Neighbour Community Pantry is overseen by Plentylife Church and is run exclusively by volunteers from the church. Love Thy Neighbour Community Pantry is financially supported by individual donations as well as community partnerships and council grants.