Welcome to PlentyLife!

Our next service will be at 10:00am on Sunday April 3rd at Mernda Central College.

At Plentylife we exist for God’s glory to know, love and serve Jesus; walk together in His ways as we engage with our local communities; and pursue His mission of sharing the fullness of life with all. 

We believe that church is all about discipleship. This is expressed in the way we worship, engage in community and reach out to others in the love of God. Jesus modelled this way of life by inviting a family of disciples to journey with Him on His Father’s mission. As bible-believing Christians, we seek to live life as Jesus modelled for us, through the Holy Spirit’s leading and empowering. This means our emphasis is on creating spiritual families of disciples (missional communities) who, in our whole lives, seek to make more disciples for Jesus. We are deliberately light on programs in order to create room for organic relationships and discipleship. 

Missional communities are the main way we are organically connected to the local community. Every missional community has a particular vision for how to be the good news of Jesus and serve others. We build relationships with each other, and the local community, through activities such as shared meals, social gatherings, and living life together. We grow together in our relationship with Jesus – all ages together – through meeting in homes, worship services, praying, and learning from the bible. 

Because we believe following Jesus involves every aspect of our lives, our church gathers together in a variety of ways and times throughout the month. In addition to our missional communities we hold a service every fortnight where our whole church comes together to celebrate who God is and His love for us all. Contact us to find a way to join in.



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