January Devotional Times

Over the summer period, we take a break from our normal routine and do things a bit differently. We continue to follow Jesus and meet together as church, but in a more relaxed, restful way. You can visit our home page to see the events we’ve got planned for January 2023.

This page is about how we can engage our relationship with Jesus outside of our organised events; with our friends, families and on our own.

This year we are recommending a free resource from 24-7 Prayer called Be Still. The series is all about exploring the simple, transformative practice of a daily quiet time with God. We hope it will be useful for you in developing a regular rhythm of prayer and a deeper daily relationship with God.

Each Be Still session includes a short video, recommended bible passages, discussion questions (if you’d like to run it in a group/household), a practical application session and additional resources.

Click here to go to the Be Still sessions page and get started.


For families with younger children

The Be Still series might be a bit advanced for pre school and younger primary school kids. If you’re finding that’s the case you might like to try this alternate resource from 24-7 Prayer called Lectio for Families.

Lectio for Families is a free devotional app that helps families to read the Bible and explore faith through conversation and prayer together. Watch the video below to learn more.