Safe Ministry

Safe Ministry covers all our ministries and interactions with people no matter who they are. This includes all people but especially children and vulnerable adults.


Do you have concerns about child safety, or suspect child abuse?

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Even if you have no proof of abuse if you have a genuine concern, you MUST act.

Where possible and safe, all concerns should be reported to the Child Safety Officer and the Senior Minister. If you are unsure if your concerns warrant further action speak the to the Child Safety Officer, who can give you further advice.

  • Police MUST be contacted when there is imminent danger and for any illegal behaviour – 000 (in case of emergency and imminent danger, otherwise 131 444)
    If the concern regards illegal activity the police must be contacted. Kooyoora will instruct this when needed, and the police will also call other services, such as Child Protection as needed.
  • All concerns must be reported to Child Protection (Kooyoora can help with this)
  • All concerns must be reported to Kooyora – 1800 135 246
    The Diocese of Melbourne employs Kooyoora, an independent office of professional standards to handle all claims of abuse. You can contact them directly. Kooyoora will advise you if the police need to be contacted and will instruct you on how and when this needs to happen. All information provided to Kooyoora is strictly confidential. When calling Kooyoora you will be asked for your contact details so the Director can contact you as soon as possible.
  • Contact Child Safety Officer (phone) or the Senior Minister (phone)
    The Senior Minister and Child Safety Officer must be made aware of any situations that are serious or illegal in nature. This is to ensure the rest of the community is kept safe, and you have appropriate support throughout the reporting process. If your concern is with the Senior Minister, you should speak to the Child Safety Officer who will guide you in reporting directly to Kooyoora.
Misconduct and Complaints

If you wish to make a complaint, or report misconduct (by clergy, staff or volunteers) you should contact the either the senior minister (if he/she is not the subject of the concern) who can advise you on reporting requirements and support you through the process, including contact Kooyoora.

You can also contact Kooyoora directly on 1800 135 246, or in writing to Kooyoora will determine if the complaint or misconduct falls under denominational authority and demonstrates a breach of the “Faithfulness in Service” Code of Conduct that governs all church workers. They will walk you through the process of reporting and informing others as needed.

Download “Faithfulness in Service” National Code for Personal Behaviour and the Practice of Pastoral Ministry by Clergy and Church Workers

All complaints and reports of misconduct will be taken seriously.


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