Missional Communities


The New Testament church met both all together in the Temple courts and in smaller groups in people’s homes. These households of disciples became key centres of discipleship and mission. It’s through these centres that people grew in their love of Jesus and transformed the communities around them. At Plentylife we seek to organise our church life in similar ways.

Missional communities are our household discipleship centres. They operate like an extended family, or a strong network of friends, who do life together. Integral to missional communities is growing in our faith and finding ways to make a positive difference in our community. We have fun and support one another through life’s ups and downs.

Just like no family or group of friends is exactly the same as another, each of our missional communities is unique – with different ways of gathering and serving the wider community. For example, one missional community might focus on providing practical support to those in need of food and other essentials, another might seek to welcome and build connections with refugees in the community, another on supporting families to build positive relationships with their kids. What unites us is our desire to grow in faith and serve Christ.

If you’re interested in exploring Plentylife, it’s worth taking the time to visit the different missional communities, or drop into a Sunday service to chat with our leaders and missional community members.

Another good place to start is a chat with Kylie.