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Pastor: Local Mission, Children and Youth

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4 days per week ongoing.

We are seeking a Pastor/Minister to work closely with the Senior Minister in prayerfully developing the next phase of our life as a church. Throughout 2023 we have been asking God “what does the next season look like for Plentylife?” In response to how we’ve discerned God answering that question, in early 2024, we will launch our new mission and vision, looking forward to 2029. You can read a draft version of that mission and vision below. Will you join us on the exciting journey God is about to take us on?

The Associate role will be our second pastoral staff position alongside the Senior Minister. The primary focus of the role will be local mission and ministry with young people and their families. There will be flexibility within the role to minister in other areas according to the gifts of the candidate and needs of the church.

Our Senior Minister is Kirk Mackenzie. Kirk has been working with young people for over 20 years, including 14 years as a youth/Associate minister.

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About Plentylife

Plentylife has a commitment to missional discipleship. This means that our emphasis is on creating spiritual families of disciples who, in our whole lives, seek to make more disciples for Jesus. We aim to be light on programs to create room for organic relationships and discipleship.

We started as a church plant to the expansion suburbs of Mernda and Doreen in 2011. Our mission to share the love of Jesus with these ever-growing communities remains an exciting call for our church today. In 2023, the suburbs of Mernda and Doreen have a combined population of over 50,000 people. It is an exciting time for us as we move from being a new church plant to an established church in a growing and ethnically diverse community.

Our Sunday services are held at Mernda Central College (we do not own a church building), the local P-12 public school. We enjoy a very healthy, friendly relationship with the school, which continues to be a great blessing for us.

Our local area has been seeing a significant change in its ethnic demographic over recent years. 44% of homes speak a language other than English. Many recent arrivals in the area are from India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines as well as Iran, China and Nepal. We are committed to becoming a multi-ethnic church, representing the ethnic diversity of our local community by pursuing the vision presented in the New Testament of geographic and language barriers being broken down by the Spirit of Jesus in passages such as Acts 2 and Rev 7. Currently we are at the beginning of this journey as our membership is primarily Anglo-Australian, we are seeking a staff member who can help us grow in this area.

This gumtree stands just outside where we meet at Mernda Central College.

How to apply

The full position description gives a detailed outline of the role.

If you would like to apply for the role, please email your application to

Please include:

  • A cover letter telling us why you would make a great Associate Minister at Plentylife. 1-2 pages.
  • A concise resume that addresses the job description and lists references relevant to the role.

If you have questions before you officially apply for the role, our senior minister, Kirk Mackenzie, is happy to organise an informal catch up with you. Note: Kirk will be on leave until Nov 20. Please email

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